Why You Need to Care For the Artificial Teeth on Your Implant-Supported Bridge

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When dental implants first entered the dental community, they were used to single areas of tooth loss only, but the last 20 or so years have seen a great evolution in dental technology that has enabled dental implants to begin replacing multiple teeth at a time with implant-supported dental bridges. Even if an area of your teeth are artificial due to implant-supported bridges, they should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria-prompted dental problems.

Your implant-supported dental bridge and titanium abutment are formed from decay-resistant materials that can’t develop cavities, but you still need to regularly brush and floss your teeth, including the bridge, to remove plaque and food particles so that it can’t build up on the gum line and cause gum disease. Advanced stages of gum disease loose your abutments and can weaken the dental bridge.

If you removing food and plaque from your dental bridge with traditional tools to be a challenge, our dentist can recommend alternative cleaning products such as an interdental brush, water flosser, or waxed floss threader. You should also attend regular dental checkups a Rimrock Dental of Redmond so that our team can professionally clean your teeth, bridge, and gums.

If you have lost one or more teeth and would like to learn more about the proper care for an implant-supported dental bridge in Redmond, Oregon, please call Rimrock Dental of Redmond at 541-699-4200 today and arrange a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Jade Cherrington.