Oral Health Care Opportunities: Aging and Dental Health

When the time comes to improve your oral health care, will you be ready? Only by establishing effecting will oral health care routines as you age can you make sure that your teeth will remain strong to stand the test of time. Naturally, your teeth and gums will weaken and deteriorate as you age, so… Read more »

Caring for your Gums

We spend so much time looking at care for teeth that it’s easy to forget how important it is to care for your gums. Without those, it’d be impossible for teeth to remain strong and effective throughout our life. This is why you need to put so much time and energy into caring for your… Read more »

Common Questions About Veneers

What are veneers? Veneers are thin, custom-made, shells that are attached to the front of the teeth to improve their appearance. These tooth-colored restorations are made from composite resin or porcelain. In most cases, veneers are irreversible because the front of the teeth are shaped to allow room for the veneers. When are veneers used?… Read more »

Oral Health Surprises: Dental Anxiety

When correcting your oral health, do you ever think about any concerns or issues that may inhibit proper oral health care? If you are not visiting your dentist enough, you could be putting your mouth at several oral health risks due to a lack of examinations. To ensure that you receive your professional cleanings and… Read more »

Healthy and Unhealthy Diet Choices for Your Smile

Did you know that your diet plays a substantial role in the overall health of your smile? Everything you eat can lead to changes in your oral health, which is why it is important to be aware of the foods you are putting into your mouth. While there are several foods and drinks that can… Read more »

Dental Facts and Findings on Mouth Jewelry

Are you aware of the potential risks factors to your mouth that can arise due to the presence of mouth jewelry? Mouth jewelry, specifically lip or tongue rings, have been known to cause several variations of dental damage that can put your mouth in a very bad position. Understand that it can destroy your smile… Read more »

Common Questions About Dental Fillings

Do you have questions about dental fillings? If so, our dentist, Dr. Cherrington, is happy to help you find the information you need so you can know more about the restoration. The more you know, the better. So, he is happy to help you by answering commonly asked questions about dental fillings, which are: Q:… Read more »

Superior Smiles Include Root Canal Therapy

  Numerous risk factors are present when it comes to damage pulps. The pulp is the life force of a tooth in which the nerve endings, connective tissues, and blood vessels all reside. However, the pulp can be damaged due to a variety of reasons. Once your pulp is damaged, it will need to be… Read more »

The Ways Athletes Can Maintain a Top-Notch Smile

As an athlete, you most likely spend many days in the front yard shooting hoops, throwing the football, or hitting the baseball. You’re probably so focused on how to get better, faster, and stronger. While you focus on those things, it’s also important to focus on your teeth and gums. This is important because you… Read more »

Why You Need to Care For the Artificial Teeth on Your Implant-Supported Bridge

When dental implants first entered the dental community, they were used to single areas of tooth loss only, but the last 20 or so years have seen a great evolution in dental technology that has enabled dental implants to begin replacing multiple teeth at a time with implant-supported dental bridges. Even if an area of… Read more »