At Rimrock Dental of Redmond, we place the comfort of our patients first. To ensure that every visit to our office is a relaxing one, we offer a number of amenities designed to help you feel at ease during your appointment.

Oral Sedation

For patients feeling anxious about their dental treatment, we offer oral sedation using Halcion, a commonly prescribed alternative to IV sedation. We also offer nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as ‘laughing gas’), which provides a safe and effective means of mild sedation and can be used with children.

Sleep Dentistry

To help keep patients entertained during their appointments, each of our procedure suites come equipped with smart monitors that allow patients to play music and stream videos on Netflix during treatment. Have your teeth cleaned and oral health examined while catching up on your favorite TV shows! Video displays also help younger patients feel more at ease during treatment, as watching familiar cartoon characters can make the process of visiting Dr. Jade a little less scary. Dr. Jade also likes to break the ice with children by visiting and tying a balloon animal for them.

Comfortable Chairs

Your thoughts about sitting in the dentist’s chair may change for good once you’ve had a seat in one of our Midmark Elevance chairs. By far the most comfortable dental chair you will have ever experienced, Elevance chairs offer unparalleled patient comfort with such features as innovative design and comfort, a wide range of adjustable positions for maximum comfort, articulating headrest, and heat and massage built into the chair and controlled by you!