What You Should Know About Sensitive Teeth

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Do you know what the underlying causes of sensitive teeth are? Unfortunately, there are many different reasons that you could be dealing with this dental problem, and there may not always be something you can do to help this problem—though there are options you can explore. However, do you know exactly why your pearly whites could be sensitive?

You see, there are many layers in each of your teeth, including your enamel and your dentin. Your enamel is actually one of the substances in your body and is the hardest layer of your teeth. This layer protects your pearly whites from several dental issues, such as tooth decay. The next layer, which is referred to as dentin, is much softer than your enamel. It also carries temperature signals to the nerve located in the center of your pearly whites. Sadly, once your enamel is gone, your dentin will be exposed and you will probably experience sensitivity. To make matters worse, if your enamel is gone, you won’t be able to restore it.

Finally, please note that there are many dental issues that could weaken your teeth. In fact, did you know that grinding your teeth can actually hurt your enamel? Similarly, did you know that you might be grinding your teeth and might not realize it? As you might expect, poor oral hygiene can also be the cause of your damaged enamel.

Unfortunately, tooth sensitivity can be caused by other dental problems, like gum recession, gum disease, and even a cavity that needs to be filled. Still, our team can help you with all of these dental issues. If you would like to learn more about dealing with sensitive teeth in Redmond, Oregon, please feel free to contact Rimrock Dental of Redmond at 541-699-4200. Our dentist, Dr. Jade Cherrington, and our team will be happy to answer questions you have and help you decide on the next steps you could take. We look forward to meeting with you.