The Mastery of Dental Sealants

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The mastery of dental sealants lies in their ability to protect against damage caused by dental erosion and tooth decay. Dental sealants work by applying a very special gel designed to coat teeth. The gel is applied and then hardened using a light source to hold it in place. When the gel is hardened the sealants are stronger than enamel and can resist the effects of harmful acids.

Dental sealants have been proven safe for all ages. However, they are best used for molars and teeth that are susceptible to cavities. For this reason, dental sealants often are not placed until a user is at least six years of age, or about the time their molars begin to erupt above the gum line.

Dental sealants can be applied and expected to hold for a period of ten years. Children with dental sealants are three times more likely to have cavities and individuals of all ages are at an 80% less risk of tooth decay in their molars. Dental sealants also come with the added benefit of being clear, which can ensure they are holding fast as intended.

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