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Redmond Dentist

I recently became curious about the demographics of the people I see in my office. The dental software we use actually allows us to run these types of reports.

Dentistry in Redmond

I loved dental school and it was always my dream to have a family based dental practice. I was overwhelmed to see that after over 10 years of practicing in Redmond, OR, we have such a diverse group of people who come to see us. The report we ran looked like a bell curve when we looked at the age distribution in the practice. I love seeing families with children and so I expected a lot of people under the age of 20. What surprised me a little, was that we see nearly as many people over the age of 75 as we do children.

I love it! (I just realized I’ve used the word love three times already)
The focuses and challenges are different for dental care throughout our lives, but I enjoy all aspects.

Redmond Oregon Community

We also discovered how many people come to see us from surrounding communities. About half the people in our practice live in Redmond. Prineville and Bend make up a big chunk of the rest, but people come from all over.

Redmond Business

With this in mind, we try to support our local community by investing in local businesses whenever possible. Our ceramic lab is located in Prineville, Oregon and our removable lab is located in Bend, Oregon. The talent available to you right here in our community is amazing. You can send cases outside of our community for cheaper, but the quality and services suffers greatly in my experience.

We buy from local dental representatives and suppliers. Did you know that some of the biggest and best dental companies actually manufacture and assemble dental equipment right here in Oregon? It’s pretty cool that I can drive over to the valley to look at the latest dental equipment, while other dentists have to fly in to visit.

Local First

We buy pharmaceuticals from a Redmond compounding pharmacy. This allows us to support a locally owned business as they support us with custom compounded topical to keep our patients comfortable.
Even the mouth wash and toothpaste we suggest are developed and supplied from right here in Oregon.
I’ll admit that I take a lot of my continuing education from the Seattle area. But it’s pretty cool that some of the best minds in dental practice are located in the Pacific Northwest.
I feel blessed to work in such a great community and my wife and I can imagine a better place to raise our 4 boys.