Fluoride Helps Strengthen Tooth Enamel

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The outermost layer of each of your teeth is made up of hard tooth enamel. Its inherent mineral density provides your teeth with the ability to bite and break down food while also protecting the sensitive core of the tooth.

Each of your dental checkups at Rimrock Dental of Redmond is designed to detect any developing oral health concerns before they can worsen into a more serious problem. This includes monitoring the mineral strength of your teeth.

If your tooth enamel show signs of demineralization our dentist, Dr. Jade Cherrington might recommend administering a fluoride treatment. This can be performed immediately following the dental checkup to bolster the mineral density of your teeth.

The treatment process involves him pouring a modest amount of concentrated fluoride gel into special trays that conform to the basic shape of your bite pattern You will need to hold them your mouth for a few minutes.

If possible, you should try to avoid eating or drinking anything for up to half an hour after the fluoride treatment. This will allow the fluoride to deeply saturate the microscopic pores in your tooth enamel. This will help with cavity prevention.

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