I would like to try to address some of the questions I have had over the last few days from patients and friends. Some of you may have received a letter from Redmond Dental Group recently. I have had numerous calls, emails and personal visits expressing support. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

I left Redmond Dental Group after practicing there for over 7 years. For 7 years I have reviewed patient treatment plans for accuracy and used the contact information to call patients in the evening if l had any concerns about their comfort. This information could be accessed on my laptop at the office or at my home office via software Redmond Dental Group had installed. This information is not and was not shared with anyone outside of the dental office. Redmond Dental Group allows all of its staff to access this information.

Some of the referenced contact and treatment information was saved on my home office laptop a few months ago for some patients I was treating. Redmond Dental Group was contractually obligated to provide copies of all patient records to me upon my departure from the practice. Consistent with my contract with Redmond Dental Group, I made sure there was no patient information on my home office computer over a month before I left the practice. After leaving I requested the patient information for the patients I had been treating for the last 7 years when I opened my new practice. Thus far, Redmond Dental Group has refused to provide that information except on a case by case basis – which makes it very difficult for me to reach my patients directly. Many people have been upset I haven’t called or mailed them directly to follow up with their treatment, but Redmond Dental Group’s refusal to provide the information is the reason I have been unable to do so. As patients find and contact us, we are again creating contact information and treatment plans. Since opening in October, we have contracted with IT and HIPAA professionals to assure patient information is safe and managed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. If you would like your records transferred at any point, please call us and we will arrange it.

I have practiced with some great people over the last 8 years for whom I have the utmost respect. I am far from perfect, but I am striving every day to be worthy of the trust afforded me by the patients I treat, those I now consider friends and especially the team that joined me.

Please call us or stop in to talk if you have any questions.

Jade Cherrington