Dental Stains Might Need a Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Do you drink dark beverages like coffee, tea or soda or use tobacco on a regular basis? You’ll find that this may turn your smile an unsightly shade of yellow. If your staining is moderate to severe, the whitening products sold in stores will likely lack the strength to fully brighten your tooth enamel. Other more potent whitening products can prove harmful to your teeth or gums.

A professional whitening treatment at Rimrock Dental of Redmond is what you need. The dental-grade materials Dr. Jade Cherrington employs includes whitening agents that are far more potent than any you can find on store shelves. Fortunately, Dr. Jade Cherrington is a professional and knows just the right technique to safely brighten your teeth.

Dr. Jade Cherrington will start the process by applying a special protective gel or rubber dam to protect your gums from irritation. Then a small amount of the concentrated whitening agent will then be carefully poured into special trays to match the general shape of your teeth.

The trays will be placed in your mouth along with a gentle suction wand. You will then need to bite down lightly to hold everything in place. Once the whitening procedure is complete, a special ultraviolet light will be used for additional whitening and to improve your smile’s luster.

This process may be repeated for an even brighter smile. How long the treatment takes will vary depending on how deeply your tooth enamel has been stained, as well as your personal whitening goals. It typically takes no more than an hour.

If you have a deeply stained smile, and you live in the Redmond, Oregon area, you should call 541-699-4200 to book a teeth whitening treatment with Dr. Jade Cherrington.