Dental Implants for Anchoring Your Bridge

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The last two decades has seen great progress in dental technology and dental implant procedures. This has allowed many people regain a full function of their mouth. Initially, dental implants were used to replace a lost tooth, now they can also be used in other applications. If you have lost multiple teeth in an area, dental implants can be used to anchor a bridge, thus giving you a fully functional mouth!

At the initial consultation, your periodontist or oral surgeon will probably want to take a series of X-rays or a CT scan. This will give them a clear picture of your bone structure and any other factors related to the implant procedure.

The implant procedure is usually done on an outpatient basis. Most people prefer to be deeply sedated for their own comfort. This means you will want to arrange for someone to drive you.

During the procedure, the oral surgeon creates two narrow channels in your jawbone. They will then screw a titanium abutment into each channel. Titanium is the ideal metal because it is biologically and in time, it will fuse to the bone creating a very strong anchor. The oral surgeon will then cover the abutments with a temporary cap to protect them.

In time the abutments will achieve complete fusion and you dentist can use them to craft and anchor a traditional bridge. With a proper oral hygiene routine your bridge can last for years to come.

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