Dental Filling Secrets for a Healthy Smile

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Dental fillings are designed to eliminate tooth decay. Dental fillings are one of the last lines of defense if your tooth enamel has been breached by the relentless attack of harmful bacteria on your teeth. With dental fillings, dental erosion that has resulted in a cavity can be treated. Dental fillings not only take out a cavity from a tooth but also seals it to prevent any future cavity from arising as well.

Dental fillings can be implemented with all sizes of cavities. However, some fillings function better than others. For example, dental amalgams are very popular and effective for large cavities, but some cavities are too small for them to work effectively. In these situations, an alternative such as composite fillings can do the job.  Composites can also be repaired over and over again without the need to take out the original filling should it crack or become damaged.

If you are searching for a dental filling that can mimic the look of your natural teeth, composites also referred to as tooth-colored fillings, are your best options. Even though dental amalgams are effective at treating cavities, they leave behind an easily perceptible metallic look. Amalgams also use mercury to bind the metals together. If you would prefer to avoid mercury, composites are guaranteed to be mercury-free.

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