Dental Facts and Findings on Mouth Jewelry

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Are you aware of the potential risks factors to your mouth that can arise due to the presence of mouth jewelry? Mouth jewelry, specifically lip or tongue rings, have been known to cause several variations of dental damage that can put your mouth in a very bad position. Understand that it can destroy your smile in seconds if you are not careful. Weigh your options when determining if mouth jewelry is right for you.

If you require additional help with your oral health care, it is important to look at different lifestyle habits that can potentially put your mouth at risk. Mouth jewelry, specifically lip and tongue rings, are known for being dangerous to your smile. This is because it can cause several oral accidents and injuries. Even the act of placing a tongue ring into your mouth can cause permanent nerve damage if applied incorrectly. It can also leave to oral inflammation as well as burst blood vessels. Other common causes of injury associated with mouth jewelry include choking hazards if any part should ever break off. Hard pieces associated with mouth jewelry are also known for chipping and cracking teeth as they swing around in your mouth. Infections, allergic reactions, and difficulties cleaning your mouth are also often associated with mouth jewelry.

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