Are You Using These Brushing Tips?

Brushing your teeth is pretty simple, right? Toothpaste squeeze to brush, brush in mouth, scrub, done. Right? In reality, brushing effectively is a little more complicated than that. It’s important to understand the right way to brush so you can protect your oral health from bacteria that result in cavities and tooth erosion. Dr. amassed… Read more »

Redmond Oregon Dentist

I recently became curious about the demographics of the people I see in my office. The dental software we use actually allows us to run these types of reports. Dentistry in Redmond I loved dental school and it was always my dream to have a family based dental practice. I was overwhelmed to see that… Read more »

A Dental Restoration That Can Be the Crowning Glory of Your Smile

What is a dental crown? If one of your teeth is damaged or decayed, Dr. may recommend a dental crown in , . A dental crown, which is shaped like a tooth, is placed over a tooth to restore its shape, size, strength, and appearance. When cemented in place, the dental crown will cover and… Read more »

Dental Filling Secrets for a Healthy Smile

Dental fillings are designed to eliminate tooth decay. Dental fillings are one of the last lines of defense if your tooth enamel has been breached by the relentless attack of harmful bacteria on your teeth. With dental fillings, dental erosion that has resulted in a cavity can be treated. Dental fillings not only take out… Read more »

Caring for Your Gum Disease

If you are struggling with gum disease, then it is vital to get the help you need right away. That is why our professional dental team here at in , , is happy to help you with your gum disease, so you can reverse this condition before you suffer painful consequences. Gum disease can cause… Read more »

Developing Tooth Sensitivity Symptoms Might Be Improved by Increased Fluoride

Tooth enamel is a complex mineral substance that includes microscopic pores and textures. When you drink acidic beverages or fail to maintain a consistent oral hygiene routine the acidic environment in your mouth could gradually start to weaken the mineral density of your teeth. If persists the demineralization effect could cause the pores in your… Read more »


In my dental practice I am either cementing a crown on a tooth or preparing for one on almost a daily basis. This means that I’m having conversations with people routinely that center around both what the crown is and what it is treating. People often want to know what a crown accomplishes differently than… Read more »

The Mastery of Dental Sealants

The mastery of dental sealants lies in their ability to protect against damage caused by dental erosion and tooth decay. Dental sealants work by applying a very special gel designed to coat teeth. The gel is applied and then hardened using a light source to hold it in place. When the gel is hardened the… Read more »

The American Dental Association Recommends Having a Dental Checkup Every Six Months

Maintaining a healthy mouth can contribute significantly to your overall quality of life. Problems with gum disease, cavities, and oral cancer can cause significant discomfort and prove costly to treat. To help reduce your chances of suffering these problems, the American Dental Association offers several recommendations. This starts with a consistent daily oral hygiene routine… Read more »

Is a Root Canal in the Cards for You This Summer?

Is a root canal in the cards for you this summer? Root canal treatments are typically used to save teeth that otherwise would have to be extracted due to severe damage or infection to the pulp. Common causes that typically require root canal treatments include: – If a cavity has gone untreated in a tooth,… Read more »