Let Us Brighten Your Smile For Summer

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Your teeth are made of several layers that each have their own role to play. Did you know that the color of your teeth is actually not determined by the external layer of enamel, but an interior layer of dentin? Dentin can vary greatly in shade because of many factors, including a person’s age, genetic predisposition, and exposure to staining influences. However, anyone can benefit from a professional teeth whitening treatment at Rimrock Dental of Redmond, regardless of the source of their staining or discoloration.

There are all kinds of over-the-counter options that produce mild results. But because tooth color originates beneath the hard layer of enamel, a whitening treatment must be quite powerful in order to be really effective. This also means that a strong over-the-counter treatment has the very real possibility of causing more harm than benefit. They can cause severe tooth sensitivity and damage gums.

Better to let professionals administer a proven whitening treatment instead. Our in-office procedure is quick and more effective than any at-home treatment available over the counter. You can achieve in a single visit what might not have even been possible on your own, all while leaving sensitive work in the capable hands of Dr. Jade Cherrington.

If you would like to learn more about our teeth whitening procedures or want to schedule an appointment, please call our dental office in Redmond, OR, today. Get the brilliant smile you deserve for the summer!