Healthy and Unhealthy Diet Choices for Your Smile

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Did you know that your diet plays a substantial role in the overall health of your smile? Everything you eat can lead to changes in your oral health, which is why it is important to be aware of the foods you are putting into your mouth. While there are several foods and drinks that can cause damage to your tooth enamel, there are also foods and drinks that can help keep your tooth enamel strong and safe. To test your knowledge of healthy and unhealthy foods, we invite you to take the following quiz:

Question 1: Which of the following foods is healthy for your smile?
A: foods packed with sugars
B: foods packed with carbs
C: foods that contain calcium and phosphorus
D: foods that are tough or chewy and difficult to bite into

Question 2: Which of the following are benefits of eating healthy?
A: a healthier smile
B: less risk of dental damage due to oral accidents or dental erosion
C: a decreased risk for cavities
D: all of the above

Question 3: Which of the following snacks is bad for your teeth?
A: gummy worms
B: soda
C: potato chips
D: all of the above

Question 4: Which of the following minerals has been shown to strengthen your tooth enamel?
A: calcium
B: citric acid
C: phosphorus
D: both a and c

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Answer Key:
C, D, D, D